Our Commitment



guided by these commitments vows and warrants:

  1. Faithful adherence and compliance with the legal mandates being implemented by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and all other concerned government agencies with special concern for OFWs.
  2. Provide prompt and wholehearted cooperation and support for the concerned government agencies in the repatriation of OFWs in the event of wars, civil disturbance, natural and man- made calamities in the host countries where the company have OFWs deployed.
  3. Explore, develop and maintain new sources of employment opportunities abroad and securing there from maximum employment benefits for the OFWs, thereby easing-out the country's unemployment problem.
  4. Participate more actively in the charitable activities of institutions involved in philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors to assist the less fortunate members of our society.
  1. Maintain honest and harmonious relationship by developing fast and efficient ways and means towards better communications, selection, hiring and deployment procedures for OFWs.
  2. Adopt a system of "online" pre-qualification, selection and hiring of prospective and qualified OFWs by the extensive use of information technology and communications (ICT) whereby Jedegal manpower pool could be readily accessed.
  3. Provide an efficient and effective system of post-deployment services to both the OFWs and the foreign employers to ascertain that both are mutually benefiting from each other.
  1. An assured pool of accredited foreign principals, brokers and employers who are the regular clients of the company since its humble beginnings whereby OFWs were satisfactorily deployed.
  2. Provide steady flow of POEA approved job orders from foreign employers, both old and new client.
  3. A system of "online" job applications whereby OFWs may submit their applications and/or inquire the availability of job orders where they may qualify, thereby cutting on transportation expenses and other rigors concomitant to seeking an employment.
  4. Professional, courteous and friendly service provided by the competent and experienced corporate officers and staff.
  5. Prompt support, assistance and cooperation with the concerned Philippine agencies in the resolution of problems encountered at the workplace, primordial concern for the welfare of the OFWs, including repatriation if the situation calls for.